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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech therapy or language therapy is the therapy given to the Autistic children for improving their speech, language and communication. Children having difficulties with their speech will find it difficult to eat, drink and swallow too. A speech and language therapist helps the child to understand what others say and how to express what he/she needs to say. The child will be able to overcome speech and language difficulties.

The Speech and language therapy is a healthcare profession having the main goal as to help the individuals communicate effectively to their maximum potential in everyday life. These professionals assesses, diagnoses and treats the difficulties in speech, language, communication, eating, drinking and swallowing in babies, children and adults, as safely and as independently as possible.

The common problems that a speech therapist can treat include:

The treatments given by a speech therapist can include:

The speech and language therapists will work closely with the patient, their parents, caretakers, and the other professionals involved in their health care, by providing support, training and advice on all aspects of the individual’s treatment.